Central Plains Schutzhund Club

has been training together since 1983. (Well... not all of us.... some of us were not born until the 90's...) 

We are currently the only Schutzhund club in Saskatchewan. We have 2 training fields, both located just minutes South of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  We have approximately a dozen (human) members and more than 20 dogs in our club.

Though we have very limited working spots available, if you are interested in the sport, feel free to contact us! When you do, please tell us a bit about yourself, why you want to train with us, and whether or not you already have a dog or would like to get one from one of our recommended breeders. If you just want a personal protection dog, please kindly look elsewhere. 

Interested in doing helper (decoy) work? Drop us a line! We are always looking for new guys that want to get bit!